Oh yes, we have a GHO mama laying eggs in the abandoned failed Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge eagle nest. The resident eagle pair that I follow on the Sutton Center cams had laid two eggs mid December, and the week before they were to hatch in January the adults were off the nest a lot, apparently disturbed by intruding eagles in the area.  The eggs were left unattended for long periods and I think I remember the female not coming back even overnight one day. Anyway, they continued to incubate them on and off for a couple of weeks past the hatch date then gave up, I guess. I last saw an eagle there on January 29th; the hatch window opened the 16th if the eggs had been viable.

Last week a GHO took interest in the nest- now containing only one un-viable eagle egg, and started brooding the eagle egg! I have my first captures of her February 5th. She laid her own egg alongside it on February 7th.  I have one capture of the eggs on the 8th. I included two of my screen captures from http://www.suttoncenter.org/pages/live_eagle_camera      

Sutton does not have night vision cams so we do not know what happens at night and are eagerly awaiting a clear sky on full moon!  I hear that the Wolf River eagle nest is also now occupied by GHO who has laid her own egg.  I believe those eagles had not yet nested this year.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/WolfRiverCam-New-London

Aren't wildlife cams providing us with such interesting information?