Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What Insect Is This?

First, an explanation.  When I find various creatures in my yard, tree frogs and the like, and the little girls next door are outside, I call them to come and see whatever wonder I have discovered.

Today their mother Jessica, waved me over to their yard.  The girls had discovered some insects in their accidental pumpkin patch...the compost area in which last years jack o lanterns had been deposited.  There was a very healthy accidental pumpkin vine in which two pumpkins were growing. The weather has been abominably dry and the vine next to it was on its way out. 

The girls had discovered a nest of the above white insects.  
 They had also discovered eggs like the ones above, had watched tiny versions of the top insect hatch and noted they started teeny and then grew to adult size like the one above as the insects were visible in a great variety of sizes.

Though fascinated by all creatures and any living thing for that matter, I've never delved very far into the bijillion forms of insects.

Does anyone know what these insects are?  Or even which family they may belong?  Or any thoughts on the matter?

Shoot me an email.

It began to drizzle, therefore I didn't get decent pictures of the multiple sizes and the activity of these guys.  

I'll try for some behavior pictures tomorrow. 

Donegal Browne

P.S.  The tree frog was back on the lighted window tonight.