Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Woodpecker War, Bitter Antifreeze And It's John Blakeman by a Neck!

The woodpecker feeder war.

 Remember the backyard accipiter?  Ohio Red-tail expert John Blakeman-by a neck!


The accipiter is a Cooper's Hawk, probably (from leg tarsus width) a tiercel.
Why a Cooper's and not a Sharpie? This bird has a discernable, clear neck. Sharpies look like their heads are attached to the torso without a neck of any length. 

John A. Blakeman

And excellent news gleaned by Robin of Illinois-  It is thought that Pyewacket, who had been a stray before I took her in and suffered temporarily from liver disfunction may have been a victim of antifreeze.  

A bitter flavoring agent will be added to all antifreeze and engine coolant manufactured for sale for the consumer market in the United States, a change voluntarily proposed by the manufacturers. The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) had partnered with the Humane Society Legislative Fund to pass laws in seventeen states to require the addition of bitterant. "Today, all major marketers are placing the bitterant in antifreeze in all 50 states,” said Phil Klein, executive vice president, legislative and public affairs for CSPA.

Donegal Browne