Monday, October 27, 2014

Parrot Vison and Mirrors, the Perserverence of the Morning Glory, and Which Milkweed Is This?

Here is Quicksilver, the African Grey Parrot, talking to me while he is looking into a mirror and possibly looking at me in the mirror as well.   Or at least from my vantage point that is what might be occurring.

Due to a parrot's range of vision though, Silver could possibly be looking at me with his left eye.   But his right eye is the eye in which our most familiar recognition of being seen, would get our focus in which to respond with our eyes for eye contact with him.

And as Silver is highly unlikely to want an Aye-Me-Hearties pirate patch over his left eye I'm going to have to come up with a new angle in which I can see his eye in the mirror but not from the back at which time he could be seeing me with the side of his eye.

Nice to have a flower in the house I don't have to water. 

And here we have a sort of  do it themselves Morning Glory Greenhouse.  The plant grew up from the ground outside to between the storm window and the inside paned window.  At this point in the unseasonable cold Autumn most of the unprotected Morning Glory leaves and buds of any height have been nipped by the low temperatures but this intrepid section is happily growing new blossoms.

I was out collecting seeds and came across these Milkweed.
                      Here are the leaves and less mature pods.
  Open seed pods.

                                   Which Milkweed is it?

It is these sorts of looks when I feel like I've interrupted something, that sometimes...well...concern me.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne