Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Tale Of Walking Squirrel Part II and Pale Male's Camouflage

 Photo courtesy of www.palemale.com/

Here is a grand example of the blending of a Red-taled hawk, Pale Male in particular, into a dabbled woods environment.
And Walking Squirrel keeps taking bites. 

  He's really stuffing it in.  And as Walking Squirrel is walking he has taken to remarkable stealth not often seen in a squirrel.  I saw him walk past a cat that wasn't more than two feet away amongst the foliage under the feeder and the cat never even noticed he was there.

Some chewing...

And Walking Squirrel's head goes back to swallow.  Even though W.S.  was using stealth, eating, and drinking, things weren't all they should be.  Therefore I was pleased today to see him swallow without his head back and also that as he went up the bird bath for a drink he leapt.  

Walking Squirrel is definitely on the mend now!

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne