Sunday, June 03, 2018

How Can You Tell It Is Spring? Quicksilver the African Grey Parrotb Reminds You...That's How!

Many of you know Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot who lives with me.  In case I don't notice that Spring is here, Silver reminds me.  How?

He does this to the toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom.  Off screen and below is a mountain of teeny bits of toilet paper that may be used as a display of his nesting abilities.  He also walks into the kitchen when I am not looking, no flying. I'd hear him go, and then opens all the cupboard doors.  Why?  Because he is showing off all the possible nesting cavities he has to offer.  Well except one cupboard.  That cupboard door is always closed.  If I walk in, he opens it from the inside  and Ta Da!  He is perched on a large mixing bowl.  Ready for action.

He often says,  Good Boy!, at this point, just in case I might be thinking otherwise.

Donegal Browne