Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Brett Odom Update--A Kestrel, a Pair of Peregrines, But Where Are Charlotte and Junior?

Hi Donna. I've been meaning to email this to you but I keep forgetting. A coworker of mine took this from her office on the 18th floor. She said the kestrel hung out on the ledge all day. This is facing west, so the black building with all the mirrored windows is 888 7th Avenue with C&J's nest (which is out of the frame).

Brett Odom

Hey Donna. Just thought I would let you know that a peregrine falcon has been spending time at Charlotte and Junior's nest today. At first I thought it was Charlotte because the bird was so dark, but then when I checked through my binoculars I could tell it was definitely not a red tail. I'm not sure I like this bird in C&J's territory.
Brett B. Odom


The falcon pair seems to have made the C&J nest a regular perching spot. I see them every day now. I will be curious to find out if they take over the territory and if C&J return to this nest next spring. Perhaps this pair will make one of the window ledges their scrape. I can tell that one of the falcon's is banded. Unfortunately, my office is too far away to be able to read the band and none of my camera equipment is powerful enough to get a close enough photo.
Brett B. Odom

Fascinating and yes, it makes me a bit anxious as well. It is thought that Pale Male Junior's mate before Charlotte was killed by a Peregrine.

Not that I have any thought that Charlotte or Pale Male Jr. have met their demise you understand, I'm just wondering if they've shifted their territory --where and when were your last sightings of Charlotte or Junior?

Come to that has anyone else seen them in the last few months? I realize that by this time of year both birds have sometimes made themselves a bit scarce, but if you've had a sighting, shoot it this way.

Donegal Browne