Friday, January 25, 2013

Quicksilver Bathes in the Cat Bowl Part II, George and Martha at Highbridge, and a History of the Cathedral Hawk Nest

When last we saw Silver in the cat bowl, Squirrel the kitten had appeared and was peering round the Tidy Cat.  Now that Silver is sitting on the edge some action looks like it might be eminent.

Not good. 

 Silver who believes himself invulnerable may be being dumb but he isn't ordinarily completely stupid.  What do you do when the cat looks too interested while you're bathing?
You look directly at the little bugger and splash him with water.
Then you can go back into bath trance or at least appear to do so, you might be able to get the cat again if you play your cards right.
Kitten's head has tipped up.
Dive back into the bowl and wallow a little.
Then hop back out with your back turned no less and give him the eye.  Okay, Silver is tempting Squirrel on purpose. No doubt about it.
  Note that Squirrel isn't "biting".
Silver pops back into the bowl and doesn't splash.  He waits.  He's obviously trying to tempt Squirrel closer.
 And just as kitten is about to make a break for the bowl, Silver pops back out and says, "NO!" firmly in my voice. And Squirrel is suddenly exactly where he was a moment before.  
Then Silver calmly turns his back...

Hops back and goes into a full spread eagle, kitten crouches  for the pounce.  I mean what kitten could resist, right?  This is when I say VERY firmly, "Guys, knock it off!!"
 Did you ever see two animals look more busted? 

Coming up next, Quicksilver Bathes in the Cat Bowl Part III, the entrance of Tig the Basinji, whom I'm dog sitting.

But in the meantime, check out Rob Schmunk's visit to George and Martha in NYC's Highbridge Park at 
Then in case you missed it, scroll down to Rob's  History of  the Cathedral Hawk Nest.  He's done a great job with it.

Happy Hawking!

Donegal Browne

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quicksilver Bathes in the Cat Bowl

As I mentioned previously I've been down with the flu.  And like all inventive pets the Terrifying Trio of Bad Pets, Quicksilver, Squirrel the kitten, and yes, I'm currently dog sitting Tig the Basinji, (Pyewacket being the only animal currently in the Good Pet category), have been running amuck.

Therefore it was no real surprise that, this morning I struggled out of a decongestant haze, attempting to identify what the sound of splashing and the tink, tink of metal meant.

It meant dear readers that Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot was bathing in the cat's water bowl.
And Silver was in the full throes of bathing frenzy and having a darn good time!

A little tink, tink, tippey toe action before the next plunge. 


Note that Silver has "red eye" from the flash similar to what happens on occasion with human eyes.  Dogs and Cats tend to go green.

Why the different colors? I've no idea.  Any EYE folks out there?

I crawl out of bed to retrieve him but from the new angle....
I realize there is something different going on all together.  I'm not the only observer.  (Besides the fact that all the splashed water is going to turn the errant litter into congealed mud.)

Squirrel is biding his time...and I've currently run out of steam.

More to Come....


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Squrrel View: The Most Comfortable Way to Raid a Bird Feeder

This squirrel, a regular Mr. Chubby, demonstrates the most comfortable way to raid a bird feeder.  Note the evolutionary advantage of the eye of this prey animal.  He can see me with his back fully turned.

Just in from the wonderfully curious and always questing Robin of Illinois-  One of my earliest and longest running questions in life, why my fingers wrinkled in the bath tub--a possible answer that makes perfect sense..

(My apologies have been down with the flu.)

More to come.