Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Wednesday Miscellany

Sorry for the lag folks.  My internet connection evaporated days and days ago and hasn't yet reconstituted itself. ???? 

Therefore I've broken down and come to the library to let you know where I've been and to check out the computer facilities. 

There doesn't seem to be a way to post photos therefore you're just going to have to use your imagination.

The geese have been going over in droves so bad weather isn't far behind. 

 I walked out back and WAAAAAA, the Cooper's Hawk, who has been attempting to predate the sparrow pile, nearly flew into my head.   Adelaide, the Cooper's Hawk, then landed on the sparrow pile as if nothing had happened. 

 I've named her Adelaide, after the character in Guys and Dolls, as she, like the original female, isn't really embarrassed by much.

Remember the black kitten with the white patch on her chest shaped like a heart? 

Oh! Oh!  Betty Jo and Anon get the prize!  Kitten is definately a male.  If I'd had my wits about me I would have flipped Pyewacket over and compared genitalia.  Sometimes...

Also kitten's name has been changed to Squirrel. 

 (The vet thought Cardiac might not be the best name on a medical record.)

  Whereas even though the name Squirrel  might cause initial confusion a vet would have to be pretty drunk not to notice the difference between a kitten and a bushy tailed member of rodentia.

Why Squirrel?

Because he climbs everything!  The curtains, furniture, and people's legs to name just a few examples.  And, we mustn't discount the fact that when someone is told the kitten's name is Squirrel they often crack up or at least give a smile and chuckle.  Therefore Squirrel and I are lightening people's day a little.  It also helps that they have a good feeling about him before he climbs their leg as they may never have another about him afterwards. 

And for those who missed Marie Winn's  post with a letter from Caroline Greenleaf of community relations with the Central Park Conservancy concerning Sandy and the loss of trees in Central Park--  Click on the link below and scroll down to November 20th.

See you again soon...

Donegal Browne