Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Franklin Institute Juvenile Hunts the Crosswalk

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Card Sutton

A heads up from Robin of Illinois!
Posted on Franklin Hawkaholics FB page:  
Carolyn Card Sutton posted:

"Labor Day hawk report: The stay-at-home juvie OWNS Logan Square! We watched her for 1 1/2 hours this morning. She appeared at 5:45 and started to hunt as the sky lightened a bit. Taking several strategic positions, she finally struck paydirt, flying from a streetlight into a crosswalk (in front of oncoming traffic FCOL) to catch a huge rat. The cars all screeched to a halt , on lookers shouted WOW and grabbed cameras......the rat was SO big she could not get any height as she flew, managing only to move it to several ground locations before ripping into it under a tree. After chowing down for awhile she flew to her favorite fence then over to some trees by the cathedral What a show!"