Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Tale Of Walking Squirrel

Meet Walking Squirrel who is enjoying some cherry pastry.   I'd been hearing about this squirrel for some days before I met him, though in the neighborhood he was previously known as Limping Squirrel.

When I first saw him his remarkable characteristic was that he walked.  Think about it.  Squirrels rarely walk.  They do little hippity hop leaps most of the time.  And instead of leaping to the edge of the birdbath for a drink, Walking Squirrel climbed the pedestal of the bird bath, pulled himself over the lip, and drank.

Though I now have a shallow vessel of water on the ground to make things easier for  Walking Squirrel, he still prefers to climb the bird bath.

Walking Squirrel is no pussy.

 Note his left haunch.  The fur looks as if that area has been damaged at some point.

The second time I saw Walking Squirrel he was sporting his stealth capacity in long grass by carefully walking past a cat who was looking in the opposite direction. 

 Note you can just see his two bottom teeth between his lips.   Being a member of Rodentia his teeth continue to grow and grow and have to be worn down by chewing and gnawing.  His appear to be rather long and so far I've not seen the mirroring upper teeth.

Walking Squirrel also appears to swallow while holding his head back. 

To be continued....

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Moment with a Sheep Meadow Fledgling

                    Photo by Stella Hamilton

Stella comes through again.  This time with a photo of a Sheep Meadow Fledgling.  Stella saw Mom as well but she took off to the East of Literary Walk before she could nab a picture of her.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne