Speaking of the NYBG, here's an update from Pat Gonzalez, who focuses on the fauna of the New York Botanical Garden--


Today's wildlife adventure began shortly before entering the Conservatory. I noticed what appeared to be feathers on the ground in front of a tree just off Perennial Garden Way. When I got closer to it, that was when I noticed the ear. And the head it was attached to. Apparently, it was a rabbit that got way to close to some predator. All that was left was the head, a few bones and lots of fur. Perhaps it was the victim of one of the great-horned owls? I've decided not to share the photo I took as it is a bit gruesome. But if anyone wants to see it, please let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.

I went inside the Conservatory and took photos for about an hour. I walked around a bit, taking some photos of the Stone Mill and the surrounding area. Here are some of my pics.
Later, I was near the visitor center when a large red-tail few overhead. It has a very distinctive red tail which led me to believe that it was either Rose or Vince. Then right before I left, another one flew over me while I was walking the Library grounds. I managed to get one shot of it further down. I've attached it to this e-mail. As you can see, it is holding on to what appears to be a small bird.

I now want to take this time to share a story I call A Bronx Red-Tail. I submitted it to The NYBG who have published it on their blog. I hope you all enjoy it.

Pat Gonzalez