Monday, May 30, 2016

Lupine, the Orange Juice Butterfly, Small the Little Rabbit and Turkey Vulture Feathers

                             lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus)
Why?  Just because they are quite spectacular when you come round a corner and POW!
 See the butterfly sipping from the orange?  Well a fly kept landing on it so it just began to vibrate continuously, which kept the fly off.
Here she is not vibrating.  The white spot on her wing rather looks like a foraging turkey.
Smaller Bunny was under the feeder.  Remember the other day when "Bunny" and a smaller rabbit were sitting under the Lilacs?  
 Well, this is Smaller Bunny. Small for short.  She has slightly shorter ears and is...well, just smaller.

I'd been trying to count the Chimney Swifts in my neighborhood.  There are also Chimney Swifts that hunt the downtown area of town late in the day as well, perhaps a quarter mile away and I wanted to know if they were two separate different groups.  No definitive answer on that one yet. Therefore I had the camera pointed at the sky when this guy came along.
Now field guides will tell you that Turkey Vultures are two toned, though they often look quite black against the sky with perhaps a lighter gray on the rear edge wing feathers.  In this case, because a flap was in progress and the sun caught the feathers just right to reflect the light in an unusual way, you can see the line of demarcation between the lighter feathers and the darker ones.

Oh!  Remember  I mentioned that the Catbirds are downright fiends for baths? They have taken to waiting nearby when I clean the bath and refill in in the morning. 

 I'm assuming that that way they can be the first in.

 Keep you eyes open!
Donegal Browne