Friday, April 15, 2016

The Three Headed Fire Hydra in the Phragmites

                     MORE TO COME!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Feeding at the Teneyke Eagle Nest!

All times PM

Today's photographs of  the Teneyke Bald Eagle Nest are courtesy of  Eagle Watcher Mi Albright.

1:50:37  One again Dad is perched lower down in the tree being vigilant.  Mom leans into the nest. She does appear to be feeding.
1:51:59  She is definitely feeding.
1:52:13  Mom looks west.

1:52:34 Mom's head goes down somewhat sideways to get the food into the right spot.
1:53:11 She turns round likely to get another piece of food.
1:55:20  Another tidbit goes down into the nest.

1:55:25  She tips to a slightly different spot to feed.  Eaglet moved?  Second eaglet?  Picking up a scrap?

1:55:40 Look carefully just in front of Mom's head.  Is that an eaglet?
 1:56:32  Feeding in another spot or is she picking up another bite?
1:57:05  Mom looks.

And that is the extent of Mi's pix.  Though it appears perhaps that there are two eaglets.

But tomorrow is another day!  We'll see!

Donegal Browne