Friday, November 02, 2012

Pale Male and at Least One of His Youngsters Sighted Post Sandy

New Pale Male Irregular Ellen Smithson, sent in two reports today.  As Bruce Yolton had previously reported, Pale Male seems to have weathered the storm just fine.  Ellen, too has now  seen him, perched on the Oreo Building. 

Earlier in the day Ellen had seen, a young Red-tail perched in a tree behind  the Cafe which overlooks the Model Boat Pond (Conservatory Waters) which she was 95% sure had painted talons.  

Then on her second trip down the sidewalk outside the park along Fifth Avenue later in the day, she again saw a youngster in the trees, with a better view of the talons/ nail polish and now confirms it was one of Pale Male's fledglings from this year's nest.

Long time Central Park Hawkwatcher Katherine Herzog, also checked in with a Central Park Hawkwatcher Grapevine Update--

Hi Donna,

Sorry for the delay.  Things were mighty dicey here and for some folks they still are....

...Hawkwatcher (name withheld on request) saw Pale today sitting on Dr. Fisher's building.

Ran into her today on 5th Avenue (Central Park has been closed since Sunday and they have high barricades at every  park entrance.  Because of the big bucks that the Marathon pulls in - they are moving heaven and earth to get the park ready for the Sunday race. The sound of power saws is constantly in the air).

  Hawkwatcher (name withheld on request) got a report from a Park Ranger that two immature RTs were seen at Turtle Pond.  Don't know if its Pale's babies....or  just two migrating immature RT hawks.

Gotta run and do some errands....I hear the grocery stores are starting to get re-supplied.  Hope they have some beer, at least.


Happy Hawking! 
 Donegal Browne