Monday, February 27, 2012


Ginger Lima on Saturday, February 25, 2012,  Photograph courtesy of Lincoln Karim of ,who found her body on Sunday the 26th  beneath the tree she and Pale Male had roosted in the evening before.

As if there hasn't been enough sad news pertaining to New York City's much loved Red-tailed Hawks, from WINORR, below is an alert from Bobby and Cathy Horvath, announcing the death of Ginger Lima, Pale Male's mate. 
I've been on the phone today with Lincoln Karim of the Palemale website. Sadly he found Pale Male's mate Lima dead under the tree they both roosted in together last night on Cedar Hill. She had been acting completely normal as of late and he reported they mated at least 4 times yesterday. He did see another bird at the nest with Pale Male also today so as mother nature goes its possible she has been replaced already but that is just an early possibility. Lincoln is working on arrangements to have her tested to determine the cause of death.

Donegal Browne--More to come.



Anonymous said...

Such sad sad news!! My thoughts to everyone who love and follow these hawks!

Jane Lang

Anonymous said...

I got up at 2:30 because I have a sore throat and fell sick--now I am really sick! When I read those words, I thought I would throw up. I had always thought Lola's body might have been found if she had not diappeared in winter. How fortunate that Lima was found--maybe some answers. we'll know more because Lincoln was notified, and took charge. Betty Jo