Friday, June 05, 2015

Back at the Fifth Avenue Nest Everyone Has Dinner

 All times PM
5:17:04  Octavia has landed and begging has commenced.
5:17:04 Octavia's attention is captured by something on the nest.
5:17:38  Everyone nest left, begging.
5:18:00  Pale Male comes into view and heads for a railing on the Dr. Fisher building.
5:08:01  He doesn't appear to be carrying prey.
5:18:06 He lands on a Fisher terrace rail.
5:19:24 Octavia begins feeding the eyass with the the flattest crop.
5:19:52 The eyass with the bulging crop keeps begging anyway. 

5:20:28 The middle eyass continues to beg and pulls Octavia's attention.
5:20:41 Pale Male checks out the Madison Avenue hunting prospects.

5:20:59 Octavia tears from a different piece of prey. 

5:21:01 Eyes turn outward.  Is Pale Male flying?  Yes, he is no longer on the Fisher railing.
5:21:11 Octavia works on dinner.

5:22:39 Octavia isn't fooled by the begging of Large.  She keeps  feeding Medium .
 5:23:39 (a minute later) Octavia has given Medium several more bites. 

5:25:48 More for Medium.
5:27:47 Large with her full crop gives up.
5:45:01  Octavia gives a few more bites to Little to top off his crop and then she has her own dinner.

I pack up my gear and make my way through the jillion joggers toward the Westside.  
Then I stop for a moment on the upper terrace of Bethesda Fountain to take it all in.

Do you know the story the fountain relates?
Bethesda the Angel steps down on a rock at which time fresh healing water springs from said rock.  The fountain was built to celebrate the building of a grand water system that supplied fresh water to New York City.  In fact the city still has some of the best municipal water in the country.  

Beyond that on occasion Pale Male has been seen standing on Bethesda's head checking out the prey situation. 

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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