Monday, June 01, 2015

Part 3 of A Big Day with Pale Male, Octavia,...

If you haven't read Parts 1 and 2 yet, scroll down and do that first!

 All times PM
 6 22 08  Octavia looks up with focus.

The eyasses take a little exercise.
Octavia appears to be preening but note the two Blue Jays high up on the capital of the cornice to her left.
Note  the Blue Jay coming straight down the window molding towards  Octavia's head?  She ducks.
Another attack in the making.
Jay rises a bit and then dives at Octavia.  She ducks again but from the look of her feathers there was some contact.  Nice of Octavia to take the Jay outrage and give Pale Male a break.  Speaking of Pale Male...
He's high atop the Carlyle surveying the territory from intruders on that front and watching the nest of course.
6 32 40  The skateboarding dog zips past the Hawk Bench.

6 33 27  Little picks up a twig. The other two look on.
6 37 50 And then there is flapping!

Happy Hawking
Donegal Browne

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sally said...

WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing!