Monday, June 01, 2015

Part 2 of a Huge Day With Pale Male, Octavia, and the Eyasses plus Irate Blue Jays and Mockingbirds

This is Part 2 of the title below so if you haven't read Part 1 scroll down to Part 1 below and read it first.  Then scroll back up here and read Part 2.  (It will make more sense that way, honest)

We last left Octavia perched on a Window of the  Barbara Walters Building, in the meantime...
 And as per usual, all times are PM.
6:16:48  Pale Male is next seen zipping South, with the Woody building as a back drop.  
 6 16 52 Then he cruises past the nest on 927 Fifth Avenue.  Note the eyasses are in a clump with their eyes glued to him.
 6 16 54 Then he wings past the Fisher Building.
6 16 55  Pale Male ascends to above the roof of Linda and keeps going.

6 17 19  He lands on the last window of the row which is just above the tree line.
 6 17 49  Back on 927 all the eyasses, even Little, focus South with the most intensity I've ever seen them register.   Why?

6 20 40 They're very interested because their Mom has flown over to Linda on the second window from the North on the same floor that Dad is on.  

Note how much "hawkier" a female Red-tail's profile looks compared with the profile of a male...particularly Pale Male who is a very "sweet faced hawk".

End of Part 2  and yes there is a  Part 3 in the works.
Told you it was a Big Day.

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