Friday, June 05, 2015

When Last We Left Pale Male....

....Pale Male was flying north past the Dr. Fisher Building with his Blue Jay prey in his talons.
5:15:54 PM  He appears to be heading for the nest.

5:15:56  Then he passes the nest where all eyes are glued to him, displaying the latest prey.
He rounds the corner and heads NE.

5:16:00 It is four seconds later when Octavia lands on the nest and I don't see if she has anything in her talons or exactly where she came from.
 5:16:01 Octavia semi folds her wings and stretches her feet forward being careful not to skewer the children with her talons.  Has she brought prey?  Did Pale Male toss the prey to her in the air and then she came to the nest in those 4 seconds?  Or was that at least partially Pale Male's dinner?
5:16:01 More wing adjustments for balance in the same second.

5:16:01 And she folds her wings out of the way.  She did all that in the same second.  
 5:16:02  Octavia looks at left eyass.
And says something.  Yes, Red-tailed Hawks have an enfamilial language.  I've heard it.
5:16:16 Begging commences.  See the beaks?


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