Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Saturday at the Park with Pale Male and Company

 No Pale Male....

Octavia appears to be finished feeding Little, so I decide to see if I can track down Pale Male.
I hear a chunk chunk chunk.  I look over and there is a Blue Jay chopping in the ground with her beak.
(No I am not intentionally underlining.  Blogger is just stuck in that mode....ignore it, I am.  :)  See the underlining decided to go away.

See the nest from here?   
I don't see him on Fifth Avenue anywhere from this view so I head back to the Bench.  
Guess who's back on the Carlyle?  He's on the far left light fixture.
 And the Blue Jays are after him again.
 Pale turns his head to watch.
The Blue Jay is relentless.

5:41:10  Octavia appears to be napping as are the eyasses on and off.  Pale Male allows himself to be pecked  at for hours.  He'll leave for a few minutes and come back to the Carlyle and the Jays will go mad attacking him.
(This will be important.  Trust me.)

Happy Hawking...much more to come!  DB

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