Sunday, June 07, 2015

Palemale and Octavia Do Demos for the Eyasses

 All times PM
5:50:27 Not long after I arrived Pale Male appeared to put on a  flight demonstration for the eyasses. Some quite unbelievable when you look frame by frame.  First off he flew well below the nest close to the front of 927 Fifth Avenue.
5:50:31  Then he did a steep bank up the side of Linda.

5:50:33  Then he flew (Or Octavia flew) towards the tree tops which surround the Model Boat Pond.  Exactly what  they did we couldn't see but we did see a shadow on the Linda Building.
5:50:44  He then flew straight towards one of the windows of Linda.
5:50:44 And he keeps flying straight toward the window closer...and closer.
5:50:44 And within the same second he has dropped down to below the window.  I didn't see how he did it and the camera didn't catch it either.  I assume that the hawk eyes of their eyasses took it in whatever the move was.

5:50:45  Closer.
5:50:45 And closer...
5:50:45 And even closer... until he almost disappears.
5:50:45 Note that Octavia is out of our view though her shadow is visible on Linda again. 
 5:50:46Pale Male, wings slightly folded, goes in for a landing on the Linda window railing.
5:50:46 His wing position and  feet have helped him stop and not topple forward.

5:50:47 Wings almost in place.
 5:50:47 Fully perched.  Pale Male regularly faces the window which could mean he is using his super peripheral vision and possibly using the glass to mirror what is behind him.  Very occasionally he will forget himself and attack the window but it is ordinarily quite rare. 

5:55:23 Large is over looking down at one of the other eyasses.  She's awake and looks like she'd like a little action.

5:55:23  Now she looks right, at the other resting eyass.
5:55:41 Medium gets up and focuses over the treetops deeper into the park.

5:55:43 Medium looses interest.
5:57:07  But two minutes later...Hawk up!  And it turns out to be Octavia flying in.  She doesn't stay long and flies off to the west over the trees.

To be continued...much more to come!


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