Saturday, June 13, 2015

NInety Plus and Rising

 Large walks over to nest right, note that the eyasses (and often the parents)  keep their talons curled under on the nest.  Likely an innate survival mechanism for everyone involved. 

 The eyasses are waiting out as best they can the 90 plus degree heat.  They pant.  They turn their backs to the sun.
 Octavia arrives with prey and prepares it.  The eyasses note the arrival of food but appear little interested in it.
They keep panting and Octavia looks to be having a bite herself.

Coming from the north past Shipshape is Pale Male being pursued by a Mocking Bird.

 The Mocking Bird is closing in.
 And here comes the peck.
 Pale Male hits open air and there are at least three Mocking Birds after him.
 By the time he reaches Woody, the Mocking Birds appear to have relented.
 The family watches him pass the nest.
 And Pale Male lands on the next to last window on the second from the top row and scratches his face.
 It really is remarkably crowed up there at times.
 Pale Male is still being vigilant.
 Octavia has flown off.  Large is really getting to be a very big hawk like her mother.
 And it is time to do some flapping!
Go Large!  The other two don't appear to have the urge as yet. It's a little after 6PM so things are beginning to cool off a  little. 
 A ballerina has begun to perform over near the Alice In Wonderland statue on the north end of the Model Boat Pond.
One footed flapping....

More flapping!
Things have settled down by the time Octavia does a fly over at a few minutes after 7PM.
Pale Male is still the sentinel to keep everyone safe and I realize I need to make my way home as well.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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