Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're Searching for the Sick Central Park Fledgling!

Photos and italicized commentary by Jeff Johnson

Got into the Park at 1030 from 82nd Street  going along MET north side to back  area where the sick female stayed on Sunday (as shown in the frame I sent) progressing on over to the tree the sick female roosted in last night, a;ll with no joy. Saw nor heard any Red-tails at all. Scanned trees in the vicinity and searched ground with no joy. Park employees encountered along the way driving those oversize arts were all unaware of any dead hawks or birds being reported. Proceeded NE using sick females last tracking  plot .  Stopped at Central Park West and checked Beresford for activity with no joy. Went south to ANHis museum with no joy.
Beresford NW Tower. no one visible. Metadata time 1120.
 Beresford SW Tower. no one visible. Metadata time 1120.
 Swept back to north side of MET museum with no joy. Oreo antenna check from NE of Ramble. Metadata time 1145.
 Back at Sailboat Pond for 927 Nest check with no one visible. Metadata time 1155
 Heading back to the tree on the perimeter of The Great Lawn where the sick female roosted last night a Red-tail soared over the 927 Nest north up 5th Avenue and out of sight. Metadata time 1155
 I couldn't ID the Red-tail at the time. CS6 enlargement makes me think it was an adult. Metadata time 1155.

(If this is an adult Red-tail it is Zena.  The belly band is too heavy  for Pale Male.)
Got back to the Great Lawn perimeter area and searched until 1300 with no joy.  Try to get back into the Park tonight and hope for good news.
Thanks Jeff, we're waiting to hear from you.
If you have seen the sick Central Park Fledgling today, July 24th, email me at--- palemaleirregulars at yahoo dot com.  

Next, hawk watchers are uniting against the use of poison, sign the petition.
For those of you who have asked what metadata time is, here is Jeff's explanation.
Attached screenshot shows an image brought up in CS6 Photoshop Bridge:
At left is the sidebar showing all the information that's available about the image…there's so much it's labeled Metadata.
Each menu triangle will reveal an entire column of data about what's selected…anything and everything to do with lens, camera, and every possible setting used to make the image including time…so I don't have to have a time stamp in the image itself to clutter it up yet I still know exactly when it was taken.

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