Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ranger Rob and Trooper Head For Long Island and WINORR

                     Photo courtesy of the Horvaths, WINORR Facebook
                       Young Trooper, in the practiced hands of Ranger Rob.  

Urban Park Ranger Rob Mastrianni with Trooper, the likely poisoned fledgling of Pale Male and Zena, are on their way to Wild Life In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation, and rehab  with Cathy and Bobby Horvath.  And being a born and bred New York City human habituated Hawk,  Trooper doesn't look all that particularly unglued about the proceedings.  In fact she likely "knows" Rob and is even familiar with Cathy as she too has been in her sight before.

Once at WINORR, the fledgling will undergo tests, including a blood work up, to determine if she too, like her sibling already in residence,  shows the symptoms of secondary rodenticide poisoning.

Cathy will also make sure she eats, start her on Vitamin K and other detoxification regimens even before the tests come back, possibly treat her for frounce (just in case),  give her pain medication if necessary, and cover her with mothering as she does all the creatures under WINORR's care.

All this could have been prevented.  

It was human sloth that created it after all.

Donegal Browne

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Linda Maslin said...

So thankful to Ranger Rob for rescuing the other fledgling...and grateful for the Horvaths! I'm hoping for a full recovery for both of the fledglings. And I'm hoping that businesses in and around Central Park stop using poisons, or are made to stop using them.