Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trooper, the Sick Fledgling, Now in Rehab with the Horvaths!

                              Photo by Jeff Johnson

Rob Mastrianni,  a Park's Department Ranger managed to lay hands on Trooper, the sick fledgling, this morning, Thursday.  He then delivered  her to the Horvath's, Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation, in Long Island for testing and treatment.

Hawkwatchers are particularly fond of Ranger Rob.

Remember Ziggy, the fledgling of Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte, who was grounded in Ziegfeld Plaza?  It was Ranger Rob, who after Ziggy had been checked out by the Horvaths and given a clean bill of health,  spent the night sleeping under the tree in which  Ziggy was perched waiting for his parents to find him.  They did rather quickly.  Ziggy, rather like Opera Singer, has a good set of lungs.

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