Thursday, July 26, 2012


                     Photo Jeff Johnson
 Trooper the sick fledgling, from last evening before her rescue by Ranger Rob this morning.


"Thanks to Ranger Rob (NYC Parks Dept. Urban Park 
Ranger ) we now have the other ill sibling which he picked up this morning in Central Park. He's been monitoring the other fledgling and this morning was very low and looking lethargic and Rob knew catching it and getting it in for treatment was the best chance the bird has. Even though last night it appeared more alert today was back again looking tired. That is the pattern witnessed in past poisoning cases .  Good days and bad but eventually can be fatal if untreated . He did not witness either parent an the area or the last remaining sibling today."

My daughter Samantha is currently in Central Park searching for Pale Male, Zena, and Opera Star.  No luck yet.  It's hot so they may be lying low.


sally said...

how long has it been since pale male and zena have been sighted???

Donegal Browne said...

Good question Sally. I don't know exactly as some watchers don't publicize their sightings but I asked my daughter, Samantha, to look for them today. She's been in Central Park for some hours now without seeing them. Though this is not that unusual in this kind of hot weather. They've only the one fledgling to look out for at this point and it is harrowingly hot so they may be watching from the shade in foliage, mostly out of sight until later in the day.

Anonymous said...

Donna, My heart skipped a beat or two when you said Samantha is looking for the 3 other hawks. Ever since Lima was found dead, I have been afraid when I looked at the NYC hawk sites--you know why. I suggest a national petetion on CARE or CHANGE if you and others will write it I will get it on the internet. SEcondary poisoning MUST stop and not just for hawks but all creatures. Betty Jo

Donegal Browne said...

Hi Betty Jo,

Some of the fine hawkwatchers over at Washington Square Park have put one together to be sent to the DEC but if you'd like to put together another with a different recipient we're ready to sign it!

No way to turn that into a link from here but you can cut and paste and I'll also repost it on the main page.