Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Long time hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton sent news of  today's sightings of the two Fifth Avenue Fledglings currently in Central Park.

Dear Donna, 

 Sick baby was spotted by Ranger Bob today. It flew toward the Metropolitan Museum from the Great Lawn  and has not been seen since then. Other healthy baby was seen eating a pigeon.   I might head over there tonight depending on what time I leave from work. That's all I have so far.


And a comment from Ann F.-- 

I think the bird in Jeff's last post is a Juvie, because there is no sign of molting (no short or missing feathers). The only way to deal with this is hit the Met and the Natural HIstory museum in the pocketbook. Let us boycott and not donate and protest any funding to any organization that does not pledge to cease the use of rodenticides on its property
Ann F. 

You're right,  it is the molting season for adult Red-tails so likely the Red-tail sighted by Jeff Johnson was one of the fledglings.

I'm with you Ann!  I've been having exactly those thoughts about hitting the Met and the AMNH in the pocket book.  Have you specifics or particulars in mind?

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D B---Scroll down for the earlier post of today. 

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