Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday with Tristan and Isolde at St. John's

Tristan alert and maybe even concerned, he's got the Pale Male angle to his brow going, but that comes later....first

5:14pm Tristan on Gabriel backed by heavy clouds. It didn't look promising at that point but the sun did manage to shine intermittently for the next hour or so.

5:27pm The nest with Isolde in there somewhere.

5:37pm Isolde on the nest. (Torso between the Saints head and index finger.) Tristan comes off Gabriel and looks to be going to land on the nest but does a very close pass-by, than a second. Even with two people watching the next sequence is pretty exciting to keep up with. See Rob Schmunk's blog as well for additional info and photos.

5:41pm Isolde leans down, picks up prey and comes off the front of the nest, north, holding it in her beak then transfers it to talons. Tristan flies onto the nest. Isolde circles out of sight above hospital than lands on corner of roof near 114th with prey and begins to eat.
5:42pm Tristan comes off the nest and lands in a tree just inside the park at 114th and Morningside. Rob says it is a favorite spot. It is almost directly across the street from the roof corner in which Isolde has taken prey to have dinner.

5:43pm The nest is empty. Isolde who has been eating with gusto on the roof of The Plant Pavilion of St. Luke's Hospital, picks up her prey and flies south.

5:44pm Isolde flies off the roof, through the trees, and onto the nest, prey in beak.

5:49pm The sky darkens and a few big plops of rain fall. Tristan reacts sharply.
Isolde deep in nest.
6:26pm Tristan is back on Gabriel's horn. Isolde still deep in nest.

6:40pm Tristan preens on the tip of Gabriel's horn before roosting.
And just what will tomorrow bring???

Donegal Browne

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rbs said...

"a favorite spot".

I've seen them perch within 50 feet of that tree at least a dozen times in the last month, including three mealtimes and one mating. Actually now that I think about it, that particular branch is where I first caught them mating back in March.

Dog run users have reported frequently finding pigeon carcasses and lesser pieces-parts on the ground in the area.