Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hatch at Inwood Park!

Alice Danna, hawk watcher and teacher, went up to take a look at the Inwood Park Nest today, Saturday, and what should she see, but two little white headed eyasses in the nest. The sighting was confirmed by the park ranger who had accompanied her.


Robert said...

Honestly? Wow!

Bruce and I were up there from 3:30 to after 4:30 on Saturday and never got the sense that there was a nestling.

Donegal Browne said...


Honestly? Yes! I imagine Mama was probably sitting on the two little buggers who were asleep with full crops when you visited.

These clever hawks can be real foolers. Wouldn't want any Great Horned Owls figuring out those tender morsels were there, now would they?

Alice, who has been checking on that nest for several years now, saw the two new eyasses at Inwood Park around 1PM Saturday afternoon and could hardly believe her eyes herself, hence she handed her binoculars to the Parkie to confirm. Which he did.

And she too says the trail is pretty much a wreck with downed trees and whatnot since the storm.