Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hatch at Inwood and PM and L Take Care of Business

It's hot up there. Lola spent a good part of the afternoon, doing a little panting now and again.
Saturday News! In case you missed the previous post, Alice Danna, hawkwatcher and teacher, took a trip up to look at the Inwood Park Nest and what did she see? Two little white headed eyasses. (Confirmed by the Park Ranger walking with her.)

Today was warm and sunny in NYC. And today was the first day this season in which Lola looked to be feeling the effects of heat up on the nest. During the portion of the day in which the sun hit the nest, she spent a good deal more time off the eggs and where she was visible.

Lola watches a fly land.

Pale Male lands on The Stovepipe Building.

Lola sits on the nest and pants.

Pale Male sits on the Stovepipe railing.

Lola turns the eggs.

Pale Male looks northwest.

Lola turns her back to the sun and redecorates the rear of the nest.

Pale Male looks at us.

Lola preens.

And Pale Male preens.

And Lola pants some more.

And Lola disappears again into the nest.
Donegal Browne

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