Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Pale Male Fledgling Report from Stella Hamilton (Scroll Down for a FLASH! Concerning the Divine Isolde of the Cathedral)

All Photos by Stella Hamilton  7/7/2014

4:50PM  Octavia eating a pigeon on the Metropolitan Museum.

5:23PM  Fledgling hunting behind the Met.
5:25PM  Pale Male hunting at the reservoir
5:33PM  Can you see the baby on the obelisk? 
(Obviously it is under construction.  The obelisk not the fledgling. DB)

5:43PM Now you can really see him

6:21PM  Still on the obelisk.

(Still there.  A smart fledgling figures out early on to make themselves obvious, by begging and in obvious sight lines to any parent who might be bringing a food delivery. DB)

Many thanks to Stella for getting out and finding those fledglings!

There are two previous posts of the day, one a FLASH concerning the Divine Isolde of the Cathedral nest.  Keep scrolling down and the following post is an update from Hawkwatcher Charmain D. on a Fifth Ave. Fledgling.

Donegal Browne

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