Monday, July 07, 2014

A Pictorial of Pale Male's Fledglings in Central Park (and a Near Death Experience) from Stella Hamilton

All Pale Male/Octavia Fledgling Photos by Stella Hamilton

Once again long time hawkwatcher and blog contributor Stella Hamilton was out in Central Park checking up on Pale Male, Octavia, and their fledglings.  Many thanks for her photos and commentary.

5:06PM I wasn't sure if it was a hawk or a turkey I was looking at when I found this fledgling she looked so big . This is a baby on the ground eating a pigeon. One other sib on tree in vicinity screaming.

Baby with yummy pigeon.  Food fight about to hatch again ?
 5:11PM What can I say, This is a big bird.  
       Fledgling mantles pigeon. 
5:11:30PM What the...?
5:15PM  Fantail Hawk?
5:23PM  Second fledgling (the paler headed one, likely a male) finishes the left over pigeon.
5:29PM Pale Head up a small tree after meal.
5:45PM Out for a stroll amongst picnic-ing patrons of Central Park.  

(And people who have the savvy not to toss any food the little hawks way, thank goodness.  Hawkwatchers are vigilant about this in particular as a young hawk who learns that people are a source of food, is a hawk in trouble. DB)
5:46PM  Are you sleeping?
6:03PM I am FULL!  All pictures taken near Glade Arch.
(Just look at that stretched crop! DB)
6:52PM VERY  DANGEROUS!  Fledgling almost hit by a taxi at Fifth and 77th.
(During the early years, one of Pale Male's fledglings was hit by a cab and killed.  All hawkwatchers could do was retrieve the body.)

7:01PM Safe on the Mongolian Mission Banner!!!!  
Many thanks to Stella Hamilton for her report.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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