Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hawkwatcher Charmain Devereaux Sends an Update on Pale Male's Fedgling!

Photo of one of Pale Male and Octavia's fledglings by Charmain Devereaux

My apologies to longtime NYC Hawkwatcher Charmain Devereaux  for not posting this earlier.  I've been having computer problems and I missed her update when it came in a few days ago.  So here is the sighting better late than never.

Hi Donna-
Sighting around 3:15 this afternoon. After following her cries (assuming female because of its size) for about 10 minutes, I traced her landing at the south entrance to the park at 79th. Made an unsuccessful catch and after giving up, decided to hop up on the stone wall and give everyone a show for at least 5 minutes. Pretty unflappable (forgive the pun) in people's presence. This one has star power like her dad. Saw PM simultaneously do a fly-over to the Met where I can only assume they'll catch up for a real meal!

All the best- Charmain

Thanks Charmain!  Keep them coming!

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sally said...

Thank you Donna for all of the updates, I had been starving for NYC Red Tail news! Sad sad news about Isolde, I loved her a lot!