Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stella Hamilton Chronicles Pale Male and This Year's Fledgling Plus Documents Two Very Interesting Red-tailed Hawk Fledgling Behaviors.

All hawk photographs by Stella Hamilton
5:23PM One of Pale Male and Octavia's fledglings in a tree behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
5:32PM  Second fledgling playing.
 Play at this age often consists of "killing" inanimate objects.  Young hawks leap on a rock or a stick, grasp it with their talons and hop up and down on it repeatedly.  Often hilarious for watchers but an important skill set for young hawks to master for later success in hunting.  

5:53PM Third fledgling in tree on Cedar Hill.  All accounted for!
 6:18PM  Pulling worms and eating them.
In this photo Stella documents the first behavior she documents that I've never seen in fledglings. (There is also a second behavior coming up.) This doesn't necessarily mean it is rare but I wonder how many others have seen it as well.  Shoot me an email or chime in on the comments section if you've seen it as well.

6:20PM  Handsome third fledgling.

This fledgling,  the pale headed one in particular, truly is a beauty.  They're all beautiful in their own way but perhaps we're a little prejudiced, having watched the charismatic Pale Male for so many years. 
6:31PM Third Fledgling again.  Swooped down on greyhound and chihuahua!
Looking fierce.  This youngster also has Pale Male's brow.  Note the fledgling didn't actually sink his talons into the dogs.  More skill informing "play".
6:44PM  Autumn leaves?
This guy really wants to jump on something.
7:27 PM  Yummy beetles.

No the fledgling isn't actually purple.  Low light is causing some aberrations of color.  The important part is the beetle eating.  This is the second behavior I was talking about.  How many of you have seen beetle eating in Red-tail fledglings?
7:57PM  Pale Male on the roof of the Met.
The Monarch of Central Park oversees his progeny safely through yet another day.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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