Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Rainbows, Red-wings, Caterpillers, and Tree Frogs. Sometimes It Is The Little Things...

First off a rainbow for everyone and particularly for long time contributor Jackie of Oklahoma who is seriously ill in the hospital.

Do you remember the mnemonic device commonly taught in school to retain the sequence of hues commonly said to make up a rainbow?

Roy G. Biv...  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

I never forgot that one either.

Well, I'd been sitting in a Culver's after a meeting, looked out the window and there was the rainbow.  So of course I leapt out of my seat, grabbed the camera, and went running out into a meadow chasing it for the best angle.

And just as I got to the best spot, something came plummeting into the big bush beside me.


It's a male Red-wing and he's only a few feet away from me.

CRASH!!  There is a spray of foliage.

                                      It is Kamikaze Junior. 
Where did Dad go?
He's got to be here somewhere...
There's DAD!  Junior 1 dives into the foliage.
Junior 2 arrives, out of focus, down left.
Then nobody is visible.
Junior 1 pops up at the top.  Where did Dad go?
Then everybody is visible.  Dad sees something.
Dad turns and looks and everyone sees something.

And then...they're gone.

Last night, I heard Squirrel the cat make a tremendous yowl and start scratching at something in the kitchen.
Squirrel was attempting to make a tree frog leave the screen.  I couldn't get a good picture of him last night
But tonight...
Tree Frog had stuck herself to a window without a screen.  Just waiting for something to be attracted to the light. 
Then BING!  Her eyes went wide to let in more light...she was on the hunt.  I left her to it.
Then earlier today there was the minty green caterpillar with the lemon yellow stripes and spots .
This is a prairie sky.  

See those rays of light rising up from the earth into the vortex of light?  

Out here, if you ask your Great Aunt Lenora what that is, she'll tell you it is all the souls going to heaven.

Donegal Browne

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Fran Manushkin said...

Wonderful story about the rays of light!