Saturday, May 31, 2014

As Fledge Day Approaches

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More than 26 Red-tailed Hawk eyasses are soon to fledge in NYC alone. (Oops...correction- that should read in Manhattan alone.) But we worry what may happen to them as we remember what has happened to so many hawks in the past. 

 We worry about climate change, we worry about all the "bad guys" making big bucks in ways abominable to all the Earth's creatures, including those that propagate the use of horrible rodenticides.  And  just the thought of all  those green house gases floating everywhere, collecting together until the earth is toxic to one and all can make you want to go back to bed forever.

Take heart, there are many who feel just as you do.  And when that happens...

Here is a segment of Michael Brune's Earth Day Letter first published on the Huffington Post.

So here's what I want everyone to remember this Earth Day: The world is a wonderful place. In just 90 minutes, enough sunlight strikes this planet to provide our planet's entire energy needs for one year. The contiguous United States has enough potential wind energy to provide all of our nation's electricity -- nine times over. Renewable energy has become economically competitive faster than anyone imagined just a few years ago -- in many places it is already beating all fossil fuels and nuclear power on price alone. Our progress toward a prosperous society powered by 100 percent safe, secure, and sustainable energy is unstoppable. We will get there -- the only question is how soon. The answer? The sooner the better.
Got it? Now, make like Muir and spread the word!

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I've also been heartened by streaming two American Masters episodes on PBS, about two guys who just kept positive, believed it could be done, and changed the world.   

John Muir saved the Yosemite and started The Sierra Club that still continues the work to this day and Pete Seeger, who got people singing, banded them together with the optimism that they could do just about anything together. Yes, back when the Hudson River was scarily toxic and returned it to a place where people now can swim and wildlife propagate.

So when the world just seems like a conglomerate of many flavored horror and loss, take heart, things can change.  And you can help make it happen.  Others have, why not we too? 

 One step at a time...together.

When you feel the need for a little heartening....
  Stream these American Masters episodes on PBS

John Muir In The New World

Pete Seeger The Power of Song

And remember there are a whole lot of people who feel as you do and are making good things happen by getting together and well....just doing whatever it takes as it comes along.

Oh and one more...  A Fierce Green Fire   (This one expires in four days on PBS Thirteen out of NYC, the link above, so watch it quick or google it and try for an airing on another PBS station.)

And sometimes yes, it all comes down to politics and who has the money.  As my father used to say, "You gotta keep an eye on the bastards!"

Therefore in that vein, the movie "Citizen Koch" premiers in NYC on June 6th.

So New Yorkers go and see it!  

Other cities to follow, support getting the real word out in your area as well!  

As one of the Koch brothers wasn't at all happy about a previous film that showed his true colors on PBS he pulled a massive donation from PBS.  PBS then did not fund post production for "Citizen Koch".  

The makers put it on Kickstarter, and raised the needed $170,000 to finish the film.

We the people made that difference.  So we the people should keep making a difference and plunk down a little money to see this documentary.

Take your friends...particularly those who might need a little enlightenment.

We can all make a difference...together.

Donegal Browne


Anonymous said...

26 in _Manhattan_ alone, assuming there are 2 at CCNY. I think the checklist at Urban Hawks counts 24 without CCNY.

Donegal Browne said...

Indeed yes. I should have said Manhattan not NYC.