Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heads Up--Original Hawkwatcher Marie Winn Puts Out a Watch Alert for the Sheeps Meadow Hawks This Weekend

                      HEADS UP!  SPREAD THE WORD!

Marie Winn,, famed author, (Red-tails in Love, Central Park in the Dark), my mentor in Hawkwatching and so many other things including writing a blog, was asked  if  there was something that could be done to give the Red-tailed Hawk pair who are tree nesting in Sheeps Meadow "a fair chance from the crowds this weekend"?

Marie's answer- 

"Birdwatchers and Hawkwatchers: Keep an eye out this weekend. Report any problems to Richard Feinman at the Urban Park Rangers - 212-360-1408."

Did you put that info into your phone?  Excellent! 
For those who didn't get Stella Hamilton's directions for finding the nest the first time round on the blog, go to

 Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne


Anonymous said...

If the birds "survived" the AIDS walk last week they will do fine. They are all out of range of humans. The big concern is when they fledge in a couple of weeks.

Donegal Browne said...

I pretty much agree. Just spreading the word. I'm always very nervous about virtually grounded fledglings. As most don't have any branching opportunities because of building nests the first few days can be very dangerous for them as you know, as they tend to be grounded if they can't find a way to branch up into trees or onto buildings. Fingers crossed.