Friday, June 06, 2014

Fledges, Fledges, Fledges! Plus the 30 Year Old Red-tail Lives On at the Raptor Trust!

Photo courtesy of Rob Schmunk

Rob Schmunk, long time watcher of the Isolde and Norman at the Cathedral at St. John the Divine nest overlooking Morningside Park, reports the second hatched eyass has fledgedFor more go to

Hawkwatcher Anthony Timens sent a FLASH on the run in Central Park  that  there has been a fledge from Pale Male and Octavia's nest on 927 Fifth Avenue!

And Bon Bon reports two fledges at Washington Square!

Photo courtesy of NYTimes
Remember the banded 27 year old Red-tailed Hawk that was 
Picked up on a rural road and ended up being rehabbed at 
The Raptor Trust?  Betty Jo of California wrote The Trust
and inquired how she was doing.  
 I thought you'd like to see this.  Isn't this great--that old lady is still alive and is benefiting young Red-tails.  We can sure thank the person who picked her up off the road.

And it is wonderful news.  This Red-tailed Grande Dame is still kicking and helping Red-tailed Hawk orphans. 

 Here's the news from The Raptor Trust. 

Hello Betty Jo,
 Thanks for asking about the 27 year old female 
redtail. She is now  30 (!) and doing well.   
She just didn't have the stamina for life 
in the wild. So she was not releasable after rehab.
So she stayed with us and is just fine . 
She even has a purpose in life.  

She fosters and "big sisters" the orphaned red tails
that we get each summer, teaching them red tail 
language and how to catch mice.
They seem to adore her, sitting near to her all the time,  when they're not practicing flying in the large flight chamber.
  I agree that the fact that Pale Male 
is still alive is a miracle.  
I cross my fingers every time I think of him
  Best regards,
Diane Soucy The Raptor Trust

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