Friday, June 06, 2014


 Photo courtesy of Stella Hamilton

Hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton has been watching Pale Male and his mates for many many years.  Stella is often the first to welcome new hawkwatchers to The Bench and has been a stalwart observer every season.

Dear D , 
This rainbow appeared after the storm on Tuesday , 6/ 3 around 7:45 pm . It was beautiful ! To me it was a sign to go, baby , go ! And they did the next day . 

Even a portion of a rainbow in Manhattan is an extremely rare event and a full rainbow over Fifth Avenue is something very special all together.

 Hi Donna, 

 Yes ,  2 babies fledged on Wednesday, 6/4. 

No one seems to know what time the first baby fledged . 

I got to Pilgrim Hill around 7:30 pm. One baby was up on an oak tree close to the corner of 5th Avenue and 72nd street, very difficult to see, while the other sib was on another oak tree , even more difficult to find. 

So, I did not see much that evening . Yesterday, [6/5] while hanging out at Hawkbench , one baby flew over model boat pond , circled around the trees along 5th Avenue , then landed on a window ledge on the "ship building"on the 8th or 9th floor,  second building north of the Woody building . 

For new watchers of  Pale Male, the center building directly under the arch of the rainbow is 927 Fifth Avenue where Pale Male and Octavia's nest is located.  It is on the cornice of the middle window of the top floor.

The next building to the left, north, is the Woody Allen Building, (Woody had an apartment there when Pale Male first nested on 927) and the NEXT building after Woody to the north is the Ship Building.  Named for its shape.

Now back to Stella. 

Remember last year , a baby landed on a hedge on their terrace?  

Indeed I do!

Second baby was seen on 76th street yesterday evening, around 8pm, Pale Male dropped off a rat to 3rd baby who is still on nest . Octavia flew in seconds later to assist baby with dinner . I now have to go to work. Will call after my visit to the park . 

Scroll down for the latest Thompkins Square Park Update from Francois Portmann! Happy Hawking!
P.S. I've asked my daughter Samantha, who is back from her studies at Brandeis and working at Dr. Pepperberg's Parrot Lab at Harvard, to grab her camera and try to track down the Fifth Avenue fledglings when she has a chance.  We'll see if she gets anything.  Fingers crossed!

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