Friday, March 02, 2012


                (L to R) The late Eleanor Tauber, Elizabeth, Kat Herzog, 2006
                            (I told you Kat was a longtime hawkwatcher and she'd been there for years before 2006.)

 Just in from Hawk Bench stalwart Katherine Herzog--

Long-time birdwatcher, Martha Marshall observed Pale Male mating with the new female, who we are calling Zena....on the Linda Building - window #3 at 3:45pm today.  They were in each others company for most of the morning and afternoon flying up and down 5th Avenue, to the nest and circling each other over the Small Sailboat Pond in front of their nest.  Another observer also claimed to have seen them mating several times today.

So now it begins....a new chapter in Pale Male's beautiful life!

Katherine Herzog 

And we can hardly wait! 
 More to come!
Happy Hawking,
Donegal Browne 

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