Monday, February 27, 2012

Pale Male Grieves

Ginger Lima, Pale Male's mate, found  dead of unknown causes on the following Sunday takes flight on Saturday, appearing completely healthy.  Photograph courtesy of

I spoke with long time NYC hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton this morning. 

When the sun begins to go down in the normal nature of things,  Red-tailed Hawks invariably take to their roosts, preen a few feathers in preparation for the day to come, tuck their heads softly and sleep.

Sunday evening Pale Male screamed in the dark.  He kept screaming and would not stop.  The hawkwatchers gathered below him on Cedar Hill ; listened in their own grief not knowing how to comfort him. 

After time,  they brought his mate Ginger Lima's body and laid it on a large rock in the open where he could see her.  And with Pale Male the hawkwatchers  said their good-byes.

Donegal Browne

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Sally said...

I hope allow Pale Male to find a new mate soon and continue with his life in Central Park. So sad...