Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pale Male Up For Grabs! A Single Female on Sunday, A Pair of Hawks or Two Females on Monday??? What is going on?

Photograph courtesy of palemale.com
 The New Girl who appeared by noon on Sunday, February 26th, according to Lincoln Karim of palemale.com.

A report from a Central Park Hawkwatcher who spent Monday at the Hawk Bench attempting to figure out what was going on with Pale Male and company.

She said,

 Someone from the Parks Department allowed us to climb the fence and lay out flowers for Lima.  While we were on cedar hill, Pale Male circled cedar hill for awhile. It was as though he was looking for something. Later he ate a pigeon and he called the new mate to come eat. She didn’t come to him. Instead she flew by with another adult red tail hawk. We were puzzled!   Seen at the nest at least 6 times.                 

Hello Hawkwatcher--

Who was seen at the nest 6 times?  Pale Male?  Pale Male and the female?  Or I hope not- the new male (I'm presuming the hawk with the female is a male) and new female?

This time of year two females together just doesn't happen normally unless they are fighting each other.  Which I suppose is possible.  Could what you saw have been a chase?

Are you sure the female that was with the second hawk today is definitely the female that was offering herself to PM yesterday?
I'm concerned because if a bonded pair appears in Pale Male's territory they may attempt to take it away from him by force and could even possibly do it two against one.

But perhaps as Pale Male hasn't chosen a mate yet and he didn't attempt to run anyone off today-- that the pair of hawks was actually two females who will have to duke it out in order to be the consort of the Monarch of Central Park. 


It's beginning to look like we're going to need a score card!

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Donegal Browne

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