Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pale Male and Lincoln Karim and Quicksilver-A Triple Guy Update

Pale Male courtesy of
A clarification of a previous observation from "Sunday Central Park Hawkwatcher"-- an update on Pale Male and Company-- 

The new mate was on the nest about 6 times. Pale male also went to the nest himself.  We saw 2 adult hawks flying above after pale male called for her to come get food but she didnt. We only saw  the other red tail for a short while.  They flew west and then Pale Male flew to a tree near the ramble and continued to call.

She [the New Girl] showed up and the two hawks [The two that are technically unnamed as yet D.B.] flew together.  They headed east of 79th st and we lost sight of them due to the trees. About 10 mins later, we got a call that the new mate just landed on the nest again. 

She [the New Girl] sat on the nest calling but Pale Male never came. She then flew west and we assumed she was going to get the food so we ran back to that tree only to find Pale Male sitting near it. He was calling her again. 

He [Pale Male] watched her fly around and then he began biting on some branches before flying to the nest. She flew to the building next to the nest and sat on the balcony.  He eventually flew out of the nest and was sitting in a tree west of Alice in Wonderland.  She stayed on the terrace. I left at that point because it was getting dark.

Biting branches, or other handy inanimate objects, is a frustration behavior I have observed in both raptors and parrots. Parrots may eventually bite the object of their frustration (often the uncooperative human) but I have not observed the biting of uncooperative mates in raptors. D.B.

NEW YORK — A longtime observer of celebrated New York City red-tailed hawk Pale Male was arrested after finding the body of the bird's yearlong mate, authorities said Tuesday.
State Department of Environmental Conservation said Lincoln Karim, a broadcast engineer for Associated Press Television News, was arrested on charges including illegal possession of a raptor. He was later released.
Karim said he had taken the body of Pale Male's mate, Lima, after finding it dead in Central Park over the weekend and taking photographs of it.
Concerned that an animal would eat it or a maintenance worker would toss it away, he said he put the body in a grocery bag and took it to his apartment, where he stowed away the carcass on his fire escape.


Into the roasting pan...

But not into the fire.  Quicksilver has a bath.  Why he insists on bathing in a roasting pan, I don't know.  But he does.  

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sally said...

That pan looks exactly like it fits a parrot! too funny! Thanks for the updates from NYC on Pale Male and company.

Donegal Browne said...

You are most welcome Sally! It has been a very interesting week. :)