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Screen Captures of Violet"s Injured Foot and NYTimes Blog Chat Concerning the Fishing Line That Had Violet Tethered to the Nest

If you have not read the next post down, please do that first so you are up to speed on the situation with Washington Square Violet's injured foot. Then come on back up and look at the images. Try double clicking on the captures. Some of you will get an enlarged image on a separate screen . Some of you will only get an enlarged photo on some of the pictures. Some none at all.

Why some and not others? One of the many mysteries of Blogger.

Screen Captures by Julia G of CT, courtesy of the NYTimes and New York University

From alert Hawk Cam Watcher Julia G of CT--
Here's some screen caps of Violet's right foot - it looks swollen near the band. She has limited movement around the perimeter of the nest but does appear to be tethered by something. The last screen shot shows an apparently empty nest but it lasted less than a minute and it seemed that Vi was just to the left and off camera.

On the bright side, I watched her shred some food for the eyeass and eat a little herself about 7am EST. Bobby just brought some more food at 8am EST.

I have to go to a meeting but will check e-mail.


Julia G in CT

Earlier Violet's bad band had become entangled with something on the nest and it was thought that she was hooked to the nest. Eventually she was able to fly off and then she returned to tend her eyass and eggs.

A segment of NYTimes Chat concerning Violet being tethered to the nest by fishing line.

NYT blog

327. Cathy NYC What's wrong with the parent's right foot? I thought it was just cramped up..But something is wrong. Her/his talon is tuck in her foot??? Poor thing. What's wrong?

337. Julia CT Around 7pm EST the parent stood on the side of the nest and I watched the eyeass moving around and craning its neck to look at the world - amazing!

Cathy, I saw a problem with the parent's right foot, but it looked like it was caught in a string or line, looped about 3" in length, that's secured somehow by that Spanish-moss-looking clump in the 11 o'clock position on the nest rim. The parent struggled to free its leg for about 3-4 minutes, then settled back on the nest.

Could the band have caught on a bit of string? Can the parent fly? This poor RTH family can't seem to catch a break....

336.Jeanne Brooklyn, NY Now the hawk seems to be caught on some blue plastic string material in the nest. I think that is what is wrapped around the left leg. Is there any way to help this situation? The hawk can't take off and the foot is looking pretty bad. The male did drop off a rodent and the female is feeding the eyass.

337. Adrien NY How wonderful to see Violet feeding the new chick! But I am a little concerned about Violet's right foot. It looks swollen and it seems she is favoring it or limping as she moves around the nest. As well it looks like some filament might be wrapped around and constricting her ankle. Can one of the hawk experts take a look at this and give us some feedback? Thank you.


At about 7pm ED,T Friday May 6 I got a clear look at the issue with Violet's(?) foot problem. The blueish blob left of center of nest appears to be a lump of tangled fishline (it's been there for weeks). There is a length of line extending from the blob, maybe 6-9 inches long and is tangled around her right foot. As of this time she could not free herself and is/was tethered to the nest, as the blob of line appers to be tangled within the nest. She is trapped. Unbelievable the number of human-caused

hazards that these birds encounter just in course of living their lives.

Thanks again,

Julia G

Milford, CT

Note how swollen Violet's foot and leg are.

Though having some trouble with balance previously, Violet was able to successfully feed the newly hatched eyass. Keep your fingers crossed for the whole family.


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