Friday, May 13, 2011

Regarding Violet-Bobby Horvath Comments on the No Intervention Decision

Courtesy of NYTimes and NYU livestream hawk cam capture

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(Hawk cam capture) After feeding Solo and watching her determined efforts to get off her haunches, Violet fluffs down on her and cleans up the tidbits Violet missed in her earlier clean up.

I've decided to call eyass, Solo, until the NYTimes makes the naming decision as I've begun to feel a little disrespectful using the generic label all the time. Also until we get a better idea about which sex Solo is, I'm following the practice of Queen Elizabeth's falconers by using the pronoun "she" for a hawk of unknown sex instead of it. IT? Now that really does sound disrespectful.

Wildlife rehabilitators, Bobby and Cathy Horvath had originally been called in to assess and possibly intervene in Violet's behalf by NYU. After an onsite deliberation the Horvaths felt an intervention should be undertaken in order to help insure a future life in the wild for Violet, and as a way to alleviate Violet's current suffering from the ligating band.

Later the DEC and various experts were also called in by NYU for their assessment.

Upon receiving the news Thursday, that a decision had been made by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and various experts who had concerns about an intervention, a decision was made that there would be no intervention on Violet's behalf as had been previously announced.

I asked NYC Wildlife Rehabilitator Bobby Horvath if he had a comment pertaining to the news.

Here is Bobby's response--

"I totally disagree with the professional’s current assessment and their lack of any attempt to remove the band from Violet’s leg today. I will continue to pursue options to catch the female off the nest and remove the band."

For more on the Violet saga, go up and click on the large Palemaleirregulers at the top of the page.

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