Monday, May 09, 2011

FLASH! Could Double Dipping Greed Be the Real Reason Riverside Hawks Have to Die of Poison?

I received the information below in the comments section of the blog a few moments ago.

John Herrold was also in the news last year regarding the uncommon "double dipping" salary arrangement he has with both the city AND the non-profit Riverside Park Fund.

For example, NYC paid John Herrold $94,099 to run Riverside Park in 2008, (the year the three eyasses died of poison on the nest. D.B.) while at the same time the non-profit Riverside Park Fund Inc. paid him an additional $33,000. (Unfortunately, it seems that being well-connected is the primary consideration when choosing a park administrator.)
Could Mr. Herrold be having a conflict of interest here? Though he was told by Parks to follow certain procedures for the hawks benefit, he didn't. There appeared to be a communication breakdown.

Could it be that Mr. Herrold had suddenly grown deaf due to the fact that he was afraid an unenlightened citizen who contributed to the Riverside Park Fund would take umbrage about his complying with directives from Adrian Benepe, Commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation?

Might he fear that person might see a rat? (Remember the issue of the Director of Recreation aggressively attempting to remove Riverside Mom and the kid's food? Was this due to fear of a deep-pocketed-rat-a-phobe who is a Friend of Riverside Park? )

Is it really so much easier, though certainly not moral, to snatch Riverside Mom's food and poison rats than to clean up the parks nasty garbage mess and put the grass seed in metal containers with metal lids and control the rats that way?

After all Adrian Benepe has lots of parks to keep track of and maybe he just wouldn't notice.

(Still working on today's blog containing some all sorts of things of particular interest plus some very good news about Washington Square. Hope to have it up tonight.)

Donegal Browne

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