Sunday, March 08, 2009

THERE'S AN EGG!!! (Jeffery Wright see P.S. one post down)

From Catbird of the Tulsa Forum--
Screen capture is poor because we are not seeing the usual live feed but some juryrigged every-12-minute still that KJRH has rigged for us til they can get the video feed operating again. But THAT is an EGG!
It's OVA!
Hooray! So Kay doesn't overnight, at least not this season anyway, until she's downright ready to lay her first egg.
Kay may be in movement and will sit some lower on this egg, but Red-tailed Hawks only partially incubate eggs until the clutch is completed. When all the eggs are laid, Kay will begin sitting with the eggs next to her skin via her brood patch.
That way, the chicks will hatch closer to each other in time, making the eyasses closer in age and size, than the eggs themselves were laid.
Now the question is, how many eggs will she lay???

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