Monday, March 09, 2009

The Hawk Attacking Squirrel, NYC Juvenile in Morningside Park, Blackwater Eaglets, and San Francisco Peregrines

New York City Tour Guide Pat Gonzalez clicked this photo and named it "Squirrel Suicide". Though looks to the contrary, in actuality the squirrel unless inattentive is perfectly safe.

Why? Because the moment the hawk so much as twitches, squirrel will be on the underside of that branch, they can hang upside down after all, or in another position she'll scoot round the other side of the tree trunk. And in either of those places unless two hawks are working together, squirrel is safe.

Squirrels are usually nabbed running across the ground from one tree to the other.

Sometimes squirrels seem to recognize young hawks and attempt to convince them to head for a different neighborhood. Even mature birds can get the treatment. In fact one evening Lola chose a roost tree in which a squirrel was already in residence. She began to scold, and continued to scold, and it went on and on and on into full dark and beyond. Eventually Lola gave up her attempt to sleep there and changed trees.

Photograph by Robert B. Schmunk

Uptown Hawkwatcher Rob Schmunk followed the hunting activities of the juvenile Red-tail in Morningside Park. The piece is a great lesson in how a near yearling, remember this bird has managed to live through the winter so could be counted as a successful hunter, goes about hunting whatever happens by--over and over again. Take a look.

Photo and commentary by Bob McCargar

Just in from contributor and wildlife photographer Bob McCargar, a new pair of San Francisco Peregrines--

Occupying the same building as the fondly remembered George and Gracie, but facing a different direction, a new falcon pair has moved into downtown San Francisco. The female is as yet unnamed, but she just today produced an egg and looks darned proud of it:

To me, it looks like she's saying "Look what I did!"

Photograph and commentary by Bob McCargar

Here's another shot, taken later in the day––"Night Vigil"––looking at the San Francisco Bay Bridge:

From R. of Illinois, check out the Blackwater eaglets peeking out from under Mom. (Okay, I'm not really sure it's mom. Eagles have that dreadful habit of looking awfully similar. D.B.)
Donegal Browne

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