Sunday, March 08, 2009

KAY IS ON THE NEST!!! And a P.S. for Jeffrey C. Wright


After an afternoon of up/down/up/down (and the live video camera feed having broken down), Kay has finally taken to the nest and is settled in for her first nest-night of the season.

Cheryl [Cavert] is going to go out later and see if she can spot if Jay is on the tower antennae near her.

If Jay isn't on the antenna, he will be somewhere with direct sightlines to the nest. At least that is what we have found to be the case over and over with the NYC Red-tails. We first noticed the behavior with Pale Male, then began looking for it in the other males.

Pale Male Jr. in particular not only preferred a direct sightline but also was willing to roost on buildings for the night instead of in trees if it gave him not only a direct sightline but also the advantage over a predator of being higher than the nest. That way he could attack, if necessary, from above which is a distinct plus, any Baddie that was after Charlotte or their eggs.


P.S. Jeffrey, on the mainpage on the right side is a column headed LINKS. There you will find a heading marked Contact Me. Please click there and you can email me directly. I'd love to hear how things are going for you folks and also with the Tompkins Square Park Red-tail male.

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